Third Spaces: Contemporary Placemaking With Nate Agbetu and Papa Omotayo

Third Spaces: Contemporary Placemaking With Nate Agbetu and Papa Omotayo

On Thursday, the 6th of April, Nate Agbetu hosted Third Spaces, an evening of knowledge exchange, social innovation, and networking at G.A.S. Lagos. Curated by current resident Nate Agbetu, Third Spaces collaboratively explored how we make spaces for culture. The event included participatory co-creation sessions alongside a panel discussion between Nate and architect, designer and urbanist, Papa Omotayo. 



The Third Spaces workshop brought together creative practitioners working at the intersections of art, culture, and architecture to discuss spatial transformation as a source of social innovation. Attendees were given a card with provocations, inspiring conversations about the need for space in their artistic communities and the forms of space they imagine coming to life. The panel discussion between Nate Agbetu and Papa Omotayo will be followed by a chance to network and exchange learnt and practiced philosophies and ideas. Guests were invited to networks and ask questions to close the evening.









Nate is a Cultural Curator and Educator who highlights emergent thinking through research, art and speculative design. Their practice exists in the liminal space between culture and social innovation, manifesting in the form of everything from community gardens to films, lectures and arts programming - imagining new futures through creativity and knowledge exchange. 



Papa Omotayo is a Lagos-based architect, designer, urbanist, researcher, filmmaker, and cultural facilitator with a multi-faceted practice focused on collaboration, creativity, and material exploration as a pathway towards sustainable growth and social impact, especially on the African continent. 
He is a principal of both MOE+artArchitecture (MOE+AA), an architecture firm engaged in major projects across West Africa, and A Whitespace Creative Agency (AWCA), a design firm centred on branding and programming. Both firms often collaborate on projects to create a holistic program that not only builds spaces, but considers their use, development, and engagement into the future.


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