Meet G.A.S. Fellowship Resident Femi Johnson

Meet G.A.S. Fellowship Resident Femi Johnson

Femi Johnson is a Director and Producer working in the fields of arts and culture and its future in the context of Digital Adoption moving into a web3.0 meta world. He's worked with numerous cultural initiatives documenting and researching African identity and culture.

An active advocate of the adoption of Blockchain Technology in Western Africa, he has collaborated with local art initiatives to build workshops and tutoring lessons that educate artists about NFTs and the fundamentals of blockchain. Femi is one of the seven artists who received the G.A.S. Fellowship Award 2022, we asked for some insight into how he has found the experience so far.


What is the current focus of your creative practice?

The  Essence of Being.


What drew you to apply for this residency and how do you think it will inform your wider practice?

I have been drawn to the story of Yinka Shonibare CBE and his work in different art forms, more recently the residency space created in the epicentre of the Lagos art scene. I am drawn to the idea of providing support to African artists because even though that’s a hashtag, African artists aren’t supported or funded, very few local (African) organizations offer you support, but this residency offers freedom and a platform, which is essential to the growth of an emerging artist. With time and resources, I have been able to fine-tune myself and my mind towards the solidification of my ideas, my thoughts and my voice. This alone makes my practice wider.


Between the Worlds, AI Art (2022)


Can you give an insight into how you've been using the opportunity so far and what you're working towards?

I have been using this opportunity to flesh out a story. Using symbols I convey an abstract idea through art about the essence and the reality of being, which would culminate in a presentation that leads to a discussion about the future and the reality of it.


Dystopia (2022) 



For more information about acquiring Femi's work visit this link. For more information about his practice follow him on Instagram (@femi.johnson_).

Title image: Beyond Ego (2021) by Femi Johnson

All images courtesy of the artist. 

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