I Hope Your Rambles have been Sweet, and your Reveries Spacious

I Hope Your Rambles have been Sweet, and your Reveries Spacious

In conclusion of the second week of CCA Lagos' institutional residency at G.A.S., CCA Hosted I Hope Your Rambles Have Been Sweet, and Your Reveries Spacious, a 3-hour workshop facilitated by Rosie Olang’ (⅓ of the I Continue to Continue collective). The three-hour letter-writing session reflects on themes of growth, grounding and transit as CCA Lagos continues to mark 15 years since its founding by the Late Bisi Silva in 2007.

The workshop will contemplate provocations such as; What milestones would you like to reflect on in your own practice? What rituals do you return you individually and in the community as a practitioner in the contemporary art scene? What interest are you currently tending to and how can that be represented intertextually?










Photos courtesy of our friends at the African Artists Foundation, Photographs by Damilare Adeyemi 

Rosie Olang’ Odhiambo

Rosie Olang’ Odhiambo is an independent curator, artist and bookmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her current artistic and curatorial interests explore zines, artist’s books and other unconventional book structures as formats to play across various disciplines,(primarily visual arts, literature, and poetry) engaging with decolonial, queer, feminist, and black radical traditions. More recently she is also experimenting with sound installations and performance as a way to explore the art of listening. 

Rosie has worked in research, communications, writing, and project management roles with arts and culture organizations in East Africa and the United States. She is the co-founder of MagicDoor, an experimental imprint in Nairobi, and has previously served as the Head of Programs at the Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute.

Photos courtesy of G.A.S. Foundation

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