Autograph Residencies

Autograph, established in 1988, is at the forefront of championing artists who utilize photography and film to address pressing issues of race, representation, human rights, and social justice. In an exciting partnership, Autograph is now sponsoring residencies at the Guest Artists Space foundation, offering a platform for artists to explore their creativity and engage with vital societal questions. 

Autograph achieves its mission by commissioning talented artists and writers, curating exhibitions and publications, and sharing their unique photography collection for research and learning purposes.

Lagos Studio Archives

Lagos Studio Archives is an ongoing curatorial and cultural preservation project by Karl Ohiri (UK/NIG) and Riikka Kassinen (FIN/UK), consisting of thousands of film negatives documenting Lagos studio portraiture and vernacular photography from the 1970s to post-millennium.


The project started in 2015 when Ohiri discovered the rapid erosion of archives by a generation of photographers who witnessed a shift from analog to digital photography. Lagos Studio Archives works with local photographers to acquire endangered negatives, while exploring the complex relationship between ownership, authorship, and intended context. 



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