Access ART X Prize

The Access ART X Prize awards early-career artists from Africa and its Diaspora with opportunities to develop their practices, with the intention of setting them up for the highest levels of success on the global stage. The Prize, formerly open only to emerging Nigerian artists, has evolved to include an additional award that is open to emerging artists from all of Africa and its Diaspora, in a bid to buttress sustainable careers for a wider range of artists.

Starting with the 2022/3 edition, one artist is selected from Nigeria for a residency at Gasworks, London and another artist from Africa and its Diaspora is selected to undergo a residency at G.A.S. Foundation, Lagos. Both artists are given exhibitions at the ART X Lagos fair and supported by grants of $10,000 for their exhibition.

The ART X Prize is sponsored by Access Corporation, the parent company of Access Bank.

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

Austria | Aug - Nov 2023


Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński is a Vienna-based writer, artist, and researcher whose works manifest themselves through a variety of media. Rooted in Black feminist theory, she has developed a research-based and process-oriented investigative practice that deals with the condition of Black life in the African diaspora. 


She interlaces with varying spaces and temporalities, thereby resisting a clean-cut separation between documentary and speculation. 




Asmaa Jama

UK | Aug  - Nov 2024 


Asmaa Jama, a self-taught Somali multidisciplinary artist, writer, and filmmaker in Bristol, explores themes of myth, movement, and migration. Their film works, including "Before We Disappear" (2021) commissioned by BBC Arts and "Except this Time Nothing Returns from the Ashes" (2022) at Spike Island, showcase their interactive storytelling.

Jama's art has reached international platforms like the Venice Architecture Biennale and film festivals such as Blackstar and Sharjah Film Platform. Their writing, commissioned by various institutions, appears in publications like The Poetry Review and Nataal. Jama's theatrical involvement spans writing for productions like "Dorothee Munyaneza’s Mailles" and "Akal." Their impactful writing has been commissioned by respected entities like Jerwood Arts, Hayward Gallery, Arnolfini, and Ifa Gallery, with published works featured in notable publications like The Poetry Review and Nataal. 



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