Event: Àgbo - Our Polluted Waters are Medicine

Event: Àgbo - Our Polluted Waters are Medicine

A performance by G.A.S. resident Seyi Adelekun

To conclude her research residency at G.A.S. Foundation, British-Nigerian artist Seyi Adelekun will share her first solo performance for the public viewing of the An Unfolding Prelude group exhibition. 


Àgbo; meaning herbs infusion or concoction in Yoruba, is a performance reflecting on our changing relationship with water, land and our body through the lenses of Yoruba spirituality and ecology. “To the traditional Yorùbá, water pollution is not all that regarded as dangerous and poisonous to people’s health, especially where there is no alternative drinking water. This is encapsulated in the proverb, “è gbin omi/odὸ kìí ̣ pani”—dirt inside water/a brook does not kill a person.” - George Olusola Ajibade


Water as a purifier is an intrinsic part of most Yorùbá spiritual beliefs with its healing properties in rites and rituals, yet 70% of water at the point of consumption is contaminated in Nigeria. Seyi invites us to assess what possibilities can be birthed from these bodies of water.















Date: 6th November 2022⁠

Time: 3:30pm

Location: G.A.S. Foundation, Plot 9b Hakeem Dickson Drive, Off TF Kuboye Road, Lekki right side, Oniru, Lagos


Cover photo credit: Ugochukwu Emebiriodo 

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